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Funky Mustard: Bio

The Funky Mustard Band is a project begun by singer/songwriter/guitarist “Larry D. White” & drummer/percussionist/singer “Kevin Crenshaw” in the summer of 2002. After playing together for more than 15 years in a couple of different local bands in Houston and performing covers as well as some originals, they decided to change gears and began work on creating “Funky Mustard”... a collective musical project of only true originals. Their approach to writing music would be one without format or genre. With influences like REM, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Weather Report, U2, Joe Sample, Steve Miller, AC/DC, The Allman Brothers, Van Morrison and many others, it is no wonder they have been compared to these and other great artists. With the new addition of “Pat Cox” on bass guitar bringing his smooth yet funky rhythms to the table, his brillance of attack and overall style bring these guys to a full boil. Lead guitarist/singer “Sparky Parker” adds to the spin on Funky Mustard's rock & roll vibe with driving leads from vintage stock. Rapidly recognized as one of the best bands coming out of Houston, Texas, these guys really know how to bring a song to life. Their songs take you there and bring you back in one comfortable ride. "Open with caution... these guys mean business". Be prepared to be taken to an all new musical zone. They are never afraid to use strings, horns, or even bagpipes to achieve the mood. There's no mistaking these guys for a full blown rock band with a little something extra up their sleeve. Breaching all genres and musical categories, there is something for everybody on their fourth disc release... “Embarcadero”.
The opening track “Lonely Hearts” builds on a rock steady beat, yet reggae-ish feel, and reminds us that “All is Fair in Love and War". Turning all amps up to eleven is the track “Good Enough"... a ripping dialogue about World Alliance’s and blunders from the past repeating themselves, even today.
Give a listen to this new style of rock and see why they're being called "The New Enchilada"!!!