Jazza Mundo ... finished & charting on Jazz Week

After 14 Months in the Studio , we released our 5th CD "Jazza Mundo" . Patrick Moore on Cello , and Dru Rey have added some delightful sprinkles of Musical tone to several of these new songs. We have included a Christmas classic Drummer Boy , in the Funky Mustard style titled "Strummer Boy" . 2 versions of this song will appear on the new Cd , the second one titled "Cello Boy" . Sparky Parker sits down at the Piano as well as the Guitar on this World Jazz CD. Matt Underwood brings his Scofield/Metheny chops to the table as well. Even Kevin Crenshaw resident Drummer , and fellow Song Smith , and Gardner Headrick pull a few tricks out of there musical arsenal in order to make this one hell of a Musical adventure.

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